Wellness Policy

Cincinnati Hebrew Day School

Wellness Policy


Cincinnati Hebrew Day School (CHDS) is promoting healthy lifestyles by encouraging such habits as eating healthier foods and getting more exercise.


A student’s health is integral to a child’s success in school. Healthy students have better attendance, are more attentive, and perform better than a child who is struggling with health issues.  That is why Cincinnati Hebrew Day School works hard to keep students healthy and in school.


On July 29, 2016, the USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) finalized regulations to create a framework and guidelines for written wellness policies established by local educational agencies (LEAs). The final rule requires LEAs to begin developing a revised local school wellness policy during School Year 2016-2017. LEAs must fully comply with the requirements of the final rule by June 30, 2017.


Each Wellness Policy must state nutrition and exercise goals for the school day, and establish nutrition standards for school lunches and other meals served by the district or educational agency.


CHDS has a committee that will review the wellness policy on an annual basis and seek input from the school community (including parents, students, school administrators, teachers and orthodox community religious leaders).


Healthier Foods

CHDS is mindful of serving healthy meals and will continue to offer on a daily basis lunches that include fruits and vegetables, high protein and low fat.

The school will substitute food with check systems or small prizes in the classroom for positive behaviors.

CHDS will also increase health awareness to students about hygiene, self esteem, exercise, social pressures and healthy choices including discussions of alcohol and drug abuse in the higher grades, as well as biological changes.


CHDS will increase health awareness through health instruction as part of its Physical Education instruction as well as collaborating with community resources such as nutritionists and health professionals.

This organization is an equal opportunity provider.